GRAND OPENING: Country Boy Brewing opens doors on massive Georgetown facility and tap room



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Country Boy is the best, and craft beer sales are much higher

Congrats on the new, huge space and look forward to incredible experimental brews in the future, guys. Btw, the Brewers Association released 2014 and 2014 data on U.S. craft beer growth, showing it now represents 11-12% or more of the overall market share, much more than the 5% estimate in this article.

Adam Sparks 275 days ago

Congratulations and pour me one!

Congratulations to DH, Jeff, Evan, Nathan and all the other brewers and people behind the scenes at Country Boy! So happy for all you great folks. You're the best brewery in the state in my book, and only expect you to get better in the future. And the way you take care of your people and your customers can't really be beat. And indeed, anyone saying they don't like craft beers, particularly ales, are either so close-minded they wouldn't admit it if they did like some they've tried, or else they're those who are afraid of trying something new and change of any kind. And then there's those who tried one or two probably less than superior brews or a style they really dislike and decided to brand all craft beers as 'bad'.

Dylan McCarthy 275 days ago