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Virus:Insulting Injury

The corona virus deprieved the masses of the"normalcy" of an outside life, but prior to the onset of the pandemic I toiled under the clandestine regime plaguing the relative tranqulity of an upper middle class neighbrhood. I could attribute the sadistic, incessant bigotry and palpable animus of the local chapter of the Landsdowne Merrick KKK to the restrained activities mandated by the necessity of socal distancing, but this hatred was present and vigorous long before the virus made its` way to the bluegrass. My misery is not the result of a naturally occuring contagion, but the ingrained misguided and amoral deiiberate acts of "alledgedy" upstanding ctizens. The thougt that people of means, education and young children would terrorize,break countess misdemeanor and felonies simply to satisfy their narcissistic,depraved and vapid lives by concentrating their collectve racism on a single person is a sad reality of our citizenry.

Matthew Marlin more than 2 years ago