Charting New Territory



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Excellent article!

Thank you for a fresh perspective on this topic! I especially appreciated your insights on our collective need to suspend judgement of others and ourselves! I also liked the insights about clean and dirty pain. Thanks!

Karen Gott more than 4 years ago

This is an amazing article

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this article. I can relate to parts of this, it’s so nice to hear “Everything will be okay”

Jacob McC more than 4 years ago

Great read!

Thanks for the concrete reminders and reassurance!

Jane Bennington more than 4 years ago

Very good article!

Congratulations on having your article published! Such a timely, realistic composition that embraces so much of what most are going through! Thank you for your calming advice....

Susie Rodes more than 4 years ago

So helpful

Thank you for this article. It was both practical and hopeful. I hope others find it helpful too!

Hillary more than 4 years ago